In 1968, our father founded with his brothers an import & Export company of household goods called IU, S.A. The company started with only four employes.

Today, IU, S.A. has more than 100 employees and the business has grown to other product lines.

Is in 1998, when us, his son’s start to build Sportzone , S.A and Grupo Sport Panama, S.A.

Through the years we have become the exclusive distributors of great brands, creating our signature store : Outdoors Adventures.

We started operations with only 5 employees and now our team has more than 400 professionals that give support to the success of our Company.

We have grown rapidly due to the acceptance of all the brands we manage in the region and the professional and personalized way to do business, working together with our suppliers and customers.

As a modern corporation we are enforcing continuos changes, embracing new trends, regarding environment, training and efficient processes.