We are recognized for positioning our brands efficiently in our region. We are comitted to our team, our clients, our community and our brands.
We started operations with only 5 collaborators and now our team has more than 400 professionals that support the success of our Company.

We have grown agilely thanks to:
· Our professional team with local and international knowledge.
· Great adaptability to market changes.
· Love for our brands, wholesale and retail.
· Close relationships with clients, distributors and suppliers.

As a modern corporation we are constantly changing, embracing new trends regarding the environment, staff training and making our processes run more efficient.

We grow by working under the pillars that have made us successful:


Our team is responsible for our growth, they move us, bringing and retaining customers and partners.


We offer excellent customer service, with professionalism and integrity,which helps us be part of new markets and grow in the actual ones.


To keep growing we need to break current paradigms; our tools are curiosity, innovation and creativity.
We are leaders in the Latin American market with regional offices in Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and Costa Rica, where we distribute and commercialize international brands.
The experience in these 4 distribution points are key to the growth of our company in the market.

Our four regional divisions provide a well-established wholesale and retail infrastructure with local contacts that have impressive levels of growth and development and the ability to provide our brand and associate partners with invaluable support to expand their operations throughout the region.
We work with communities and NGO’s to improve their quality of life and to take care of the environment.
We have highly qualified and committed staff, responsible for our growth, attracting and retaining our clients with a strong service vocation.
All our brands are important to us and they are carefully managed, always looking for their growth and development in the region.
We went from being a small company with offices in the Colon Free Zone to being one with +400 employees and +70 stores in LATAM.
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